Surf and turf from lamb and saltwater langoustine


(For 1 portion) 

  • 1 lamb mouse 
  • 1 langoustine tail 
  • fennel
  • apple
  • sea fennel
  • salty potato 
  • Bean Blossom
  • Scarlet Cress


  • Season the lamb with salt and pepper, fry it in butter with a little oil. 
  • Then put away warm.
  • In the meantime, poach the fennel, drain and add the brunoise apple at the last moment, heat it for a while and season with some butter and a dash of calvados. 
  • Poach the sea fennel briefly. 
  • Cut the salty potato into thin slices on the mandolin, poach and let it dry. Then deep-fry to chips. Be careful because the potato will darken quickly. 
  • Quickly fry the cleaned langoustine tail in the frying butter, remove from the pan and deglaze the frying butter with a dash of red wine and some fennel juice. Reduce this.
  • Meanwhile cut the lamb into slices and the langoustine tail too. Garnish this on the plate, a slice of lamb and a slice of lobster. 
  • Finish the plate with the fennel, sea fennel and salty potato chips. Plus some Bean Blossom and Scarlet Cress from Koppert Cress.

Recipe: Willem Roeper

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