Terms and Conditions


1. Scope 

1.1 These are the General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “General Conditions”) of Koppert Cress BV, a private limited company (hereinafter referred to as “KC”).

1.2 KC operates a website address www.koppertcress.com (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”). The Website provides information about the company, recipes and such like. 

1.3 The term “Visitor” means any natural person or legal entity that visits the Website.

1.4 These General Conditions apply to the exclusion of any other general terms and conditions to the use of the Website and to all contracts between a Visitor and KC.

1.5 No exception to the provisions of these General Conditions is possible without the prior written consent of KC, in which case the other provisions shall remain fully enforceable. 

1.6 The fact that KC may expressly or impliedly permit any exception to these General Conditions for any length of period shall not prevent KC from requiring at any stage immediate and strict compliance with these General Conditions. A Visitor may not acquire any rights based on a less strict application of these General Conditions. 

1.7 KC is entitled to amend these General Conditions unilaterally at any time. The amended General Conditions will be published on the Website.

1.8 By accessing the Website, the Visitor agrees to be bound by these General Conditions. 

1.9 A Visitor that registers on the Website expressly acknowledges, by clicking on the relevant box, that he/she has read, and agrees to be bound by, these General Conditions.

2. Intellectual property rights

2.1 All rights are reserved.

2.2 A Visitor may print out or store on his own computer a copy of a webpage provided that this is for personal use. 

2.3 Any other use of texts, images, sound, software, or imaging/audiovisual or other materials on the Website is only permitted subject to the prior written consent of the party with legal title thereto.

3. Liability

3.1 A visitor may make use of the information on the Website free of charge. KC gives no guarantee regarding the completeness and accuracy of any information on the Website, including information supplied by any third party, including any Visitor, and excludes all liability in this regard. 

3.2 KC does not guarantee that any products, services or information offered by KC or any third party on the Website do not infringe any third-party intellectual property rights.

3.3 Insofar as permitted by law, the liability of KC or any of its directly or indirectly associated natural persons or legal entities for any direct or indirect, pecuniary or non-pecuniary loss of any kind suffered at any time by a Visitor or any third party as a result of the use of, or visit to, the Website, or the use of information on the Website, is excluded.

4. Information to Visitors

4.1 A Visitor that posts information on the Website, for example on the Website forum, guarantees that he/she has authority to put such information on the Website for availability to the public, and accepts full liability for any loss suffered at any time by KC or any third party, including the costs of legal assistance, as a result of any breach by the Visitor of the said guarantee.

4.2 The Visitor indemnifies KC and any of its directly or indirectly associated natural persons or legal entities against any third-party claim based on information put on the Website by such Visitor, including, but not limited to, any claim based on intellectual property rights or claim resulting from the inaccuracy or unlawfulness of the information.

4.3 By inputting information on the Website, the Visitor thereby gives KC irrevocable consent to copy this information and to publish it on the Website.

4.4 KC is entitled at any time and for any reason to refuse to put onto, or to remove from, the Website any information supplied by a Visitor and without any liability for the consequences thereof.

5. Personal data 

5.1 Personal data provided by Visitors via the Website shall only be used for the purposes specified in the privacy clause.

5.2 The privacy clause referred to in section 1 of this article specifies in what manner a Visitor may inspect, change or remove their personal data. 

6. Jurisdiction and applicable court 

6.1 All rights, obligations and agreements that are subject to these General Conditions, as well as these General Conditions themselves, are governed exclusively by Dutch law.

6.2 Any dispute arising between KC and a Visitor shall be brought exclusively before a Dutch court with the relevant jurisdiction in Amsterdam.

7. Address for comments/complaints

If you have any comments or complaints, please direct these in writing to:
Koppert Cress B.V.
De Poel 1
2681 MB Monster