Cookie Statement, Koppert Cress Cookie Statement

What is a cookie?

Koppert Cress BV (“Koppert Cress”) uses cookies on its website. A cookie is a small text file stored by a webpage on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The information stored can be retrieved by our servers when you visit our website again.

Koppert Cress uses cookies to improve the way the website functions and to monitor how you use the website, by recording the visitor numbers and times, and the average length of time spent on a page. This data is processed in aggregated form only and is not traced back to an individual or device. Below you will find the categories and purpose of cookies used by Koppert Cress.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow the Koppert Cress website to function properly. Without these cookies, the website could not function as well as it does. Examples include remembering information you enter on different pages, saving preferences and login information, and detecting your browser settings to optimize how website is displayed. These cookies are strictly necessary and your consent is not required. Functional cookies can be deleted in your browser settings.

Analytical cookies

Koppert Cress uses analytical cookies to track and measure which parts of the website are most frequently visited. Statistics are then generated based on the information collected, such as visitor numbers, average length of time of visit, and popular pages/topics. These statistics help us to make the website content and navigation as user-friendly as possible. The statistics do not relate to individuals.

Google Analytics

A cookie is placed on our website by Google, as part of its Analytics service. Koppert Cress uses this service to track and receive reports about how visitors use the site. Since Koppert Cress has concluded a data processor agreement with Google, the ‘share data with Google’ option is disabled. Therefore, Google does not process the full IP address, we not use any other Google services, and your consent to the use of cookies is not required.

Sociale media buttons

Social media companies place cookies on your device with your consent. Social media cookies allow you to access articles or videos (embedded content) from social media (such as YouTube) on our website. You can also like or share content via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+, and LinkedIn by using the buttons. We are not aware of what these parties do with these cookies. Please see the privacy statement (which is modified regularly) for each social media company to find out what happens with your personal data through the use of these cookies.

Enabling/disabling/deleting cookies

For more information about how to enable, disable, or delete cookies, please refer to the instructions and/or help function for your browser.

Version: May 2018