Carpaccio of Scallops, Beet, Radish and Borage Cress

Ingredients and method, for 4 people


  • Shiso Leaves Green
  • Borage Cress
  • Rock Chives
  • Shiso Purple Vinegar
  • Salad Pea
  • 4 scallops
  • 1 red meat radish
  • 1 yellow beet
  • 1 chioggia beet
  • 100 ml Grape seed oil
  • Pepper and salt


  • Peel the beets and radish and cut them out in size of the clam
  • Now cut everything into thin slices
  • Vacume the yellow beet and chioggia beet with some grapeseed oil and Shiso Purple Vinegar, this will cook the beets
  • Make a green oil from Salad Pea and grapeseed oil in the Thermomix. Blend to max. 60°C. then pass through coffee filter
  • Place a Shiso Leaves Green on the plate, drizzle with green oil and Shiso Purple Vinegar
  • Lay the slices in a round, tile-like fashion on top of the plate, sprinkle with coarse sea salt, grind and green oil
  • Stick some Borage Cress between each slice so it looks like it is growing out.
  • Then for onion flavor add some Rock Chives

Recipe: Marc Creusen

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