Smoked Sweet Peeper


  • Sweet Peeper
  • Wood chips
  • Smoke device


  • Prepare the smoke device for use.
  • Place the Sweet Peeper on a plate.
  • Seal it (e.g., with a glass lid).
  • Fill the sealed space with smoke and let it infuse for 1 - 2 minutes.
  • Release the smoke, and the smoked Sweet Peeper are ready to use.


  • A smoke device imparts a smoky taste and aroma to the Sweet Peeper through the combustion of wood chips or optionally wood shavings or herbs. The smoky flavor adds an extra touch to the preparation of Sweet Peeper as part of a dish, enhancing its taste.


  • In dishes that pair well with a smoky component, such as Steak tartare, ceviche, both cold and warm vegetable dishes, widely versatile.

Recipe: Eric Miete

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