Smoked sea trout with rhubarb and Yka Leaves


Trout :

  • 400g sea Trout fillets  
  • 20g salt  
  • 20g sugar   


  • 300g rhubarb   
  • 100g raspberry  
  • 0,06g agar agar   
  • 15g cane sugar  

Yka sugar :

  • 20g Yka Leaves  
  • 30g sugar  

Passion fruit dressing :

  • 50g passion fruit pure   
  • 30g grape seeds oil  
  • 1tbs mustard  
  • salt and pepper to taste  
  • 5g Yka Leaves


Trout :

  • Marinate trout 2 hour, then wash and dry on paper towel .
  • Smoked 3 times with smoking gun, use cherry tree chips.


  • Peled rhubarb. 
  • Put all ingredients to the vacuum bag and vacuum. 
  • Boil at 54°C for 30 minutes.  

Yka sugar:

  • Blend all ingredients.   

Passion fruit dressing:   

  • Mix all ingredients in blender  

Recipe: Ernest Jagodziski 

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