Savory edamame beans

Savory edamame bean, Sechuan sugar, crème brûlée, savory Sechuan lemon ice cream, goat curd and Affilla Cress.


(For 2 portions)

Edamame veloute: 

  • 25g natural greek yogurt  
  • 150g edamame beans blended and passed 
  • 50g oil  
  • lemon juice  
  • white a balsamic vinegar  
  • pepper  
  • salt  
  • 1 Sechuan Button

Savory crème brûlée:

  • 8g of sugar  
  • 50g egg yolk  
  • 75g cream  
  • 80g edamame veloute  
  • pepper  
  • salt 

Savory Sechuan lemon ice cream:

  • 100 ml of whole milk  
  • 30 ml cream  
  • 3 stems of lemon grass  
  • 3-4 grated frozen Sechuan Buttons 
  • 1 lemon (zest)  
  • ½ lemon (juice)  
  • 0.5 g lemon powder  
  • 15 g of sugar  
  • 20 g sugar syrup  
  • pepper  
  • salt  
  • MSK lemon powder  
  • 1 lemon  

Goat curd:

  • 50 g goats curd 
  • Rock Chives  
  • 20g Edamame beans  
  • Affilla Cress 


Edamame veloute: 

  • Mix all ingredients except the oil with a nutri bullet. Then slowly add the oil to form an emulsion, taste and season, add a little grated Sechuan Button. 

Savory crème brûlée:

  • Mix the cream with the edamame veloute, beat the egg yolk and sugar until fluffy. 
  • Bring the cream mixture to the boil and pour it into the egg yolk. Pass through a sieve.  
  • Add to thermo mix, cook to 60°C. 
  • Pour into bowls, add to the steamer at 120°C for 8 minutes. 

Sechuan lemon sugar:  

  • Dehydrate the Sechuan Buttons for 12 hours in a dehydrator  
  • Mix the half fine grain caster  sugar in a thermo, add the lemon powder and Sechuan Buttons, thermo until smooth, add to the rest of the sugar. 

Savory Sechuan lemon ice cream:

  • Mix all ingredients in the thermo blender and blend until smooth. 
  • Heat the mixture to 85°C. Grate the frozen buds into the liquid. 
  • Pass through a sieve. Add to an ice cream machine and churn.

Goat curd:

  • Mix the cheese with the water in the blender until smooth. Add the Rock Chives and re-blend. 
  • Pass through a sieve. Season to taste. 


  • Sprinkle the Sechuan sugar on top of the set mix, blow torch until lightly crisp. 
  • Garnish with the curd, Edamame beans and fresh Affilla Cress. 

Recipe: Darren Creed

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