Funky Feather Mocktail

Ingredients and method


  • Fennel
  • Pineapple juice 
  • Coconut water
  • Feather Tops 
  • Algae Powder Emerald
  • Pro espuma
  • Gelatin
  • Lime


  • Make a juice of fennel using the slow juicer.
  • Boil this and allow to cool.
  • Blend coconut water and pineapple juice with the hand blender along with pro espuma until smooth, then pour into the kidde (1 cartridge).
  • Add some lime juice and pour the fennel juice into a cooled glass.
  • Then pipe a generous layer of the espuma into the glass.
  • Sprinkle Algae Powder Emerald over the cocktail.
  • Place the Feather Top in the center of the glass.
  • Enjoy your mocktail.

Recipe: Eric Miete

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