Rhubarb and Yka leaves custard Tart


To make a 4 to 6 portions

  • 1 punnet Yka Leaves                            
  • 1 stem Zallotti Blossom       
  • 400gr sweet pastry               
  • 350gr fresh cut rhubarb      
  • 150gr caster sugar                 
  • 150gr custard                                          
  • 10gr vegetarian gelatin        
  • 100ml Yka Leaves syrup      


The rhubarb compote:

  • Wash and cut the rhubarb in chunk and cook cover on a medium heat with 80gr of sugar and one table spoon of water for 15 minutes. Take the lid off and cook for another 10 minutes.
  • Let cool in the pan and reserve until use.

The custard:

  • Dilute 5g of gelatine in a table spoon of boiling water and add the the simmering custard.
  • Reserve aside until use.

The Yka Leaves syrup:

  • Bring 120ml of water with the 70gr of the sugar leftover to a boiling point and add ½ punnets of yka Leaves all in once. Keep whisking , the syrup will turn bleu , then it will become pink just afterwards.
  • Once pink, pass the syrup straight away into a fine sieve, return to the pan and mix in the other 5gr of gelatin , it will be just enough to set.

The tart:

  • Once the pastry is cooked, spread evenly the rhubarb compote to make the first layer on the bottom of the tart.
  • Add the layer of warm custard and let set in a cool place.
  • Arrange the rest of the Yka Leaves on top of the set custard in a way to make a nice pattern.
  • Pour gently the warm syrup on top of the leaves and let set.
  • Once all set , sprinkle some Zallotti Blossoms flowers on top of the tart, it’s now ready to cut and serve.

Recipe: Franck Pontais

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