'De Broeikas' has been officially opened!

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On Friday, 12 April, 'De Broeikas' was officially opened! This greenhouse, which can be filled with bubbles to retain as much heat as possible, will be used as a real test location for horticultural innovations.

Real test location, for horticultural innovations

Innovation is never a straight path and always has challenges. We are therefore especially proud to announce that ‘De Broeikas’ has been officially opened. This 1,000 m2 test greenhouse not only puts the innovative insulation system with air bubbles into practice but also serves as an experimental environment for horticultural innovation.‘De Broeikas’ will act as an incubator for pioneering horticultural innovations developed by Division Q, Sango Seeds and Koppert Cress, as well as by startups and suppliers involved with Division Q. The location offers a perfect landing place for the next generation of innovations in the sector.

The project, the initial seeds of which were planted in 2020 by Anton Paardekooper, posed quite a challenge. Especially after Anton's sudden death and, shortly thereafter, the bankruptcy of BBBLS. Hence, it was particularly special that Anton's family and the old BBBLS team were present. Stephanie, Anton's wife, launched the new phase with a real push of the button.

Important step, towards sustainable horticultural future

During the grand opening, we demonstrated the operation of ‘De Broeikas’and presented a selection of the latest horticultural innovations that will shape the future of our sector. This milestone marks an important step towards a sustainable and innovative future for horticulture.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to making ‘De Broeikas’ a reality. Special thanks to Hendrik jan van den Ende who has worked with blood, sweat and tears to get the greenhouse finished recently.

Do you have an idea or startup in sustainable horticultural technology and are looking for a place to put it into practice? Bring it on!


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