Koppert Cress' collection enriched with three colors of Algae Powders, Aventurine, Emerald, Gold

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Professionals prefer to use Algae Powders for its flavour, color, healthy benefits and opens up countless new possibilities with many different ingredients

Koppert Cress is launching an exclusive range of premium quality Algae Powders. Professionals prefer to use Algae Powders for its flavour, color, healthy benefits and new combinations with many different ingredients. From savory dishes to sweet desserts. The new assortment Algae Powder Aventurine, -Emerald and - Gold opens up countless new possibilities and is a true enrichment for the Koppert Cress collection.

    Algae Powder Aventurine starts with the familiar umami Algae flavour after it transitions into a slightly sweet and sour aftertaste. -> More info
    Algae Powder Emerald stands out with an intense, darky and earthy moss-green colour and its sweet corn-like flavour with slightly sour after notes. -> More info
  • GOLD
    Algae Powder Gold stands out with its unique deep-yellow, gold-like colour. This Gold powder has a complex flavour profile which starts sweet, slowly changes to umami and has a sweet and slightly sour aftertaste. -> More info

Algae have been proven to exist for over 2 billion years on our globe, making It a vital asset of the earth's ecosystems. The Aztecs have the oldest registered encounter of algae consumption. Spanish conquistadors found the indigenous people fishing a blue-green slurry from the water, which they dried in the sun to be consumed for their powerful source of chlorophyll (leaf green) and contain a high content (> 60%) of proteins, vitamins, trace elements and Omega 3 fatty acids.

This algae powder is from the Chlorella genus and were first discovered in the canals of Delft, the Netherlands by M.W. Beijerink In 1889. There are over a hundred varieties of this algae, making it possible to select specific types of Chlorella for their aromatic and visual properties. Algae can become an important and sustainable replacement for animal protein. Algae are also said to help cleanse the body, provide extra energy and support the immune system.

The Algae Powders are available all year round and can be stored for up to two years at a temperature of 12–16°C.

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