Yka Leaves, Shiso Leaves Purple and Cabernet Franc grape juice ice-cream


  • 600g Cabernet Franc Avgvstvs Forvm grape juice 
  • 223g fresh free-range cream (35% fat)
  • 112g milk powder (1% fat) 
  • 50g dextrose
  • 7g neutro
  • 2 trays Yka Leaves
  • 6u Shiso Leaves Purple


  • Heat the cream and 200g of the grape juice to 40ºC, cool to 10º and add the remaining 400g grape juice, the 2 trays of Yka Leaves, the Shiso Leaves Purple and blend.
  • Leave to rest for 24 hours sous-vide, then strain. 
  • Whip until smooth.

In this recipe the fresh leaves are cold-crushed, then left to infuse to impregnate the mix with their flavor and aromas. They are strained to avoid any herbal notes.

Magazine: Saber y Sabor - Arte Heladero
Recipes: Jordi Guillem

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