Shiso Leaves ice cream


  • 10000 gr water
  • 1750 gr whole milk powder
  • 300 gr skimmed milk powder
  • 2150 gr granulated sugar
  • 1768 gr whipped cream (35%)
  • 650 gr dextrose
  • 334 gr glucose powder
  • 82 g binding agent (for hot preparation)
  • 2 trays of Shiso Leaves Green


  • Heat the water and whipped cream to 40°C.
  • Mix the binding agent (for hot preparation) with 250 gr granulated sugar.
  • Mix the other dry ingredients together.
  • Now mix the remaining dry substances with the mixture of water and whipped cream and heat to 85°C.
  • Then let it cool down to 4°C.
  • Now put the whole thing in the fridge and let it ripen for 8 hours, at 4°C.
  • Blanch the Shiso Leaves.
  • Turn this through the ice cream mix with a stick blender.
  • Turn it into a nice ice cream.

Recipe: Hidde de Brabander

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