Sesame coated sticky Korean fried tempeh

Sesame coated sticky Korean fried tempeh with chard tender stem, edamame and green beans, marinated soba noodles.


Sticky Korean tempeh:

  • 30g tamari soy sauce
  • 20g gochujang paste
  • 30g rice wine vinegar
  • 40g agave syrup
  • 15g sesame oil
  • 20g black garlic paste
  • 10g chopped ginger
  • 160g rustic cut tempeh
  • 5g toasted white sesame
  • 5g toasted black sesame

Soba noodles:

  • 200g dried soba noodles
  • 15g tamari soy sauce
  • 15g chilli oil
  • 15g agave syrup
  • 10g rice wine vinegar

Charred tenderstem, green beans and edamame:

  • 6 pieces Shiso purple leaves
  • ½ punnet of Adji Cress
  • 100g tender stem broccoli
  • 50g green beans top and tailed
  • 30g podded edamame beans (frozen is fine)
  • 1/3rd of the noodle marinade


Sticky Korean tempeh:

  • In a frying pan heat the sesame oil then fry off the tempeh quickly to colour then remove from the pan.
  • Add the ginger and garlic paste to the pan and cook for a about 20 seconds, not to high or it will burn.
  • Now add the soy, vinegar, agave and gochujang and bring to a simmer and reduce until starting to thicken and bubble.
  • Add the tempeh back to the pan and coat in the sauce, once coated and fully mixed sprinkle with the sesame seeds.

Soba noodles:

  • In boiling salted water cook the noodles for 3-4 minutes so cooked but still have a little bite. Remove and drain (keep warm).
  • In a bowl combine the dressing, reserve a 1/3rd for the veg. then toss the noodles in the dressing and leave to sit for a few minutes. (Keeping warm).

Charred tenderstem, green beans and edamame:

  • Trim and cut the tender stem into small pieces along the stalk to keep nice branches but more manageable to eat (about the same size as the green beans).
  • Using the boiled salted water from the noodles or before you blanch the noodles, plunge the beans and broccoli for a minute to part cook remove and drain. Then pat dry with paper towel.
  • Take a griddle pan or griddle plate and heat. Once at a high heat colour the broccoli and green beans lightly so a nice charring is achieved.
  • Toss the vegetables in the dressing

To serve:

  • Place a ring in the centre of a plate and scatter a selection of the vegetables around the outside of the ring.
  • Using a meat fork or tongs twist a nest of noodles around, remove the ring and pile the noodles onto the veg in the gap.
  • Place nice pieces of the sesame tempeh onto the noodles and serve with Shiso Leaves Purple per portions and a little bunch of Adji Cress freshly cut.

Recipe: Steve Walpole

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