Rafel Spicy Bomb

Ingredients and method, for one cocktail

Ingredients cocktail

  • 50 ml Rafel Genever (Transparent)
  • 25 ml Ginger Ale
  • 25 ml Lime
  • 5 drops bitter
  • Ice
  • Shiso Leaves Green
  • Slice of red pepper
  • Slices green apple

Ingredients appetizer: Peking duck pancake

  • Peking Duck
  • Cucumber
  • Carrot
  • Apple
  • Salad spring lettuce
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Spanish Pepper
  • Shiso Leaves Green


  • Make the appetizer by adding all the ingredients
  • Roll the pancake until it is closed
  • Place ice and a Shiso Leave Green in the cocktail glass
  • Slice a pepper and place it on the edge of the cocktail glass
  • Add the Rafel Genever, one Shiso Leave Green, lime and the drops of bitters to the cocktail shaker
  • Shake with ice and pour into the cocktail glass
  • Top off with Ginger Ale
  • Place slices of green apple in the glass
  • Serve the cocktail and appetizer 

Recipe: Eric Miete - Rafel Jenever

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