Prawns with a Bouquet of Pak Choi



  • Prawns (FrischeParadies)
  • Spring onion
  • Furikake
  • Soy sauce
  • Lemongrass
  • Lady's pepper

Bouquet of Pak Choi

  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Pak Choi
  • Bimi


  • Kikuna Leaves
  • Sea Fennel
  • Bean Blossom
  • Gangnam Tops
  • DOYY caviar



  • Mix soy sauce with spring onion, furikake, lemongrass, and lady's pepper.
  • Marinate the prawns in the soy sauce mixture.
  • Grill the prawns on the Big Green Egg.

Bouquet of Pak Choi

  • Mix vinegar with water and sugar.
  • Marinate pak choi and bimi in the mixture.


  • Create a beautiful bundle with pak choi, bimi, Kikuna Leaves, Sea Fennel, Bean Blossom, and Gangnam Tops.
  • Serve the prawns and the pak choi bundle with DOYY caviar.

Recipe: Iris van Gremberghe & Jasmine van Bochove – Restaurant ’t Vlasbloemeken, Koewacht

This dish was created during the JRE - Jamsessie van 26 juni on Big Green Egg at Landgoed Arcadia in Steenbergen. Photos were taken by Karien Nieuwenhuis of Lemon Food Fotografie. Products provided by Cuimed, FrischeParadies, DOYY Kaviaar, Koppert Cress, Sligro and Hanos

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