Pink Grapefruit and Aclla Cress Pâte De Fruit

The citrus notes of the Aclla Cress gives a vivid added dimension to an already zesty treat, a perfect way to enliven the senses!

Ingredients and method


  • 100g pink grapefruit puree (segment fresh pink grapefruit with juice, blend and sieve) 
  • 4 punnets Aclla Cress – finely chopped – 2 for infusion and 2 for adding at end 
  • 4 individual Yka Leaves (for added colour) 
  • 130g caster sugar (for the fruit puree)  
  • 20g caster (for the pectin) 
  • 5g pectin jaune powder (Sosa Ingredients) 
  • 20g glucose syrup 
  • 3g tartaric acid solution (50/50% in weight tartaric acid powder to warm water) 
  • Caster sugar for coating 


  • Place a 14cm stainless steel square mousse frame on a flat tray lined with a silicone mat. 
  • Bring grapefruit puree and 2 punnets chopped Aclla Cress and 4 Yka Leaves to boil. Take off heat, cover immediately and leave to infuse for an hour. 
  • Mix pectin and the 20g caster sugar together in a small dish. 
  • Sieve grapefruit infusion into a pan (squeezing out as much liquid and flavour as possible) and warm to approx 50C. Rain in pectin and sugar while stirring. Bring to boil then stir in the glucose. 
  • Cook to 107˚C, remove from the heat, stir in finely chopped Aclla cress and tartaric acid. 
  • Pour into the frame on a silicone mat, leave to set a room temperature, preferably overnight. 
  • Remove from the frame, coat pâte de fruit slab in caster sugar before cutting with guitar cutter, shape cutter or heated knife/roller cutter. 
  • Serve as a petit four or sweet treat. 

Recipe: Shona Sutherland

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