Oyster, carrot

Alex Haupt: "At 101 Gowrie we use the Zeeland flat oysters if available. The salty character and fruitiness, but especially its excellent taste, we love to present to our guests."


  • caper powder
  • Oyster Leaves
  • Zeeland flat oysters

For the dried carrot and granita:

  • 2 large winter carrots
  • 350 g shallot
  • 50 g of ginger
  • 450 g of white wine
  • 5 pcs bay leaf
  • 5 l freshly squeezed carrot juice
  • 10 g orange zest


Cut the oyster meat into 1 cm cubes and reserve them at 2°C. Steam the winter carrots in the oven at 100°C and cut 2 cm slices when they have cooled.

Dry them at 65°C for 6-8 hours, seal them with some granita liquid to dehydrate. For the granita, chop the ginger and shallot and sauté with a small amount of oil.

Cook without colours, deglaze with the white wine and add the bay leaves. Reduce the moisture, add 3 litres of carrot juice, reduce by half and add the remaining juice.

Infuse for 30 minutes, pass through a sieve and make a granita. Serve the ice-cold cubes of oyster on a small plate.

Make small cubes of the dehydrated carrot and spoon on the oyster with the caper powder. Spoon the granita over the oyster and cover with Oyster Leaves.


Restaurant 101 Gowrie

Govert Flinckstraat 326HS
1073 CJ Amsterdam

Recipe: Alex Haupt
Source: Culinaire Saisonnier 94 - Fall 2019

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