Ingredients and Method


  • 95 ml Saké Daijingo 45
  • 60 ml Shiso Purple Liqueur 
  • 25 ml Shiso Purple Vinegar
  • 2 pieces Moai Caviar
  • 45 ml Cardamom Leaves Oil
  • 1 piece Cardamom Leaves
  • 1 piece Bean Blossom
  • 1 piece BlinQ Blossom
  • 1 piece Floregano


  • Make a round shape out of a Cardamom Leave
  • Top this with the Floregano, BlinQ Blossom and Bean Blossom.
  • Mix the liquids together in a cocktail shaker with ice.
  • To this, add the Moai Caviar.
  • Pour the cocktail with the Moai Caviar into the glass (Coupette 31cl).
  • Drizzle the oil over this.
  • Place the "Boat of Specialties" on top of the cocktail. 
  • Serve. 

Recipe: Victor Weber

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