Green Peas Cocktail, Rita & Cocktails, 2023

A cocktail of modern origin and based on Affilla Cress.The Chinese call it He Lan Do, referring to the Dutch merchants of the East India Company who, in the 17th century, brought ideas and innovations to the farmers of the region.


  • 4,5cl Affilla Cress cordial*
  • 1,5cl Elderflower liquor
  • 4,5cl Vodka

*Affilla Cress cordial

  • 5g citric acid
  • 140g caster white sugar
  • 280g Water
  • 20g Affilla Cress


  • T: Stir & strain
  • S: Top Class + Chunk
  • G: Affilla Cresss
  • Blend 30” & Fine Strain

A 'pea' cordial is made with the vegetable being cold-blended to retain its color, elderflower liqueur, and vodka, resulting in a blend of great freshness.

Recipe: Andrea Arcaini

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