The Dushi Button – a cress in a cocktail

Let's have a closer look to the flavor profile of the - Dushi button - one of Koppert Cress' beautiful cresses.


The finishing touch for a cocktail is often a cress. Let's have a closer look to the flavor profile of the - Dushi button - one of Koppert Cress' beautiful cresses. We'll serve you two dushi cocktail recipes. Dushi buttons - also called Dulce buttons - are tiny flower heads. Their small size is largely compensated by their complex flavor profile. This flower head is very sweet in taste, with a mint and thyme smell. The flower contains a little bit of camphor-herbal notes and is not suitable to concentrate. Therefore, you will not find this plant as a sugar substitute, only in its natural form.

For the purpose of creating a new cocktail, we selected rhubarb as a pairing ingredient and made a syrup with it. We infused the basic rhubarb syrup with Dushi buttons, allowing the syrup to enrich itself with the complex flavor of the flower bud.

The infused syrup was used to aromatise a sparkling wine, which also matches the Dushi buttons. The cocktail is garnished with some buttons, which will give extra kick to it while the syrup provides a nice aromatic baseline.

Gin, lemon, cucumber, litchi:
The Dushi buttons contain a lot of flowery and rose-like aromas, making a combo with litchi possible. Yet the buttons also have a green face, nicely matching the flavor profile of cucumber. 

Playing with the green flowery theme of this product, we have created a classic Tom Collins with a Dushi twist (see our Olympic games cocktails). Hendrick’s Gin was used to get a nice Foodpairing match with the Dushi buttons since this gin is aromatized with cucumber.

The buttons were used to flavor our homemade soda. How to? Put some flower buds in a Seltzer bottle, fill with water and load a soda capsule. Leave the pressurized bottle overnight so the buttons can release their flavor and the gas can dissolve properly in the water. Next, a Classic Tom Collins was prepared with the Hendrick’s Gin, topped off with the flavored soda. Litchi can be used as a garnish, it really brings out the rose-like character of the Dushi button.

Source: Food Pairing

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