Courgette flower and tofu tempura, Atsina Cress hummus dip


(For 4 portions)

  • 3 punnets Atsina Cress
  • 4 Kikuna Leaves
  • 120gr hummus
  • 120gr tofu
  • 100ml grapeseed oil
  • 12 small round courgette flowers
  • 4 tbsp tempura batter
  • 100ml sparkling water
  • 12 romaine lettuce leaves
  • oil for frying


  • Blitz two punnets of Atsina Cress with the 100ml of grapeseed oil in a high-speed blender. 
  • Using a coffee filter leave the Atsina Cress oil to pass for a couple of hours. 
  • Once done, keep the oil aside to use as dressing and use the half of the pulp (what is remaining in the coffee filter) to mix in the hummus and the other half to season your tempura batter. 
  • To make your tempura, mix the tempura powder, the sparkling water and half the Atsina Cress pulp. Dip each courgette flower and the cubes of tofu in the batter and fry them in the oil at 180℃. 
  • To make the hummus dip, blend the hummus, the other half of the Atsina Cress pulp and 1 spoon of water. Pass through a fine sieve and reserve until use. 
  • Serve the tempura courgette flower with the romaine lettuce, the Kikuna Leaves, the hummus dip, a drizzle of Atsina Cress oil and the other punnet of freshly cut Atsina Cress. 

Recipe: Franck Pontais

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