Cauliflower slices and raw asparagus curls

Cauliflower slices with crema di tartufi bianchi & Persinette Cress + raw asparagus curls with salsa tartufata and Mustard Cress.


(For 4 portions)

  • 1 piece of cauliflower
  • 1 jar of crema di tartufi bianchi Tartivo
  • cup of Persinette Cress 
  • 4 thick asparagus
  • 1 jar of salsa tartufata Tartivo
  • cup of Mustard Cress



  • Wash and cut the cauliflower into slices of about 4 mm.
  • Spoon a little crema on each slice of cauliflower and place a few sprigs of Persinette Cress.


  • Peel the asparagus. Use a slicer to cut fine slices or strands of asparagus.
  • Be gentle and make a knot with each string without over-tightening it so that it does not tear.
  • Spoon a little tartufata on each curl and place a few sprigs of Mustard Cress.

To finish off:

  • Make as many as you want and place on a plate.

Recipe: Frank Fol - The Vegetables Chef®
Photo: Wim Demessemaekers, Photographer | @wim_dmskrs

Preparation time: 10 minutes 
Techniques: veggies
Plate: Wild Grey Plate


Frank Fol – The Vegetables Chef®


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