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Cuzco Leaves is a leaf with cucumber taste. When used raw it is a visually attractive ingredient. It makes rich dishes taste fresher and lighter. Use (part of) the leaves, as the stem may be too strong in taste.

Cuzco Leaves

Use the leaves in cocktails, with fat fish, tuna tartare, steak tartare and vegetable dishes. Combine with avocado, citrus, fermented vegetables, smoked and dried dishes, cheese. In combination with fatty ingredients the flavour is more nutty. Cuzco Leaves is the leaf of a plant related to the cucumber, originating from South America. In Peru the plant is still grown for its fruits. The young shoots, leaves and tendrils can be used as leaf vegetables.

Cuzco Leaves are available all year round and can be kept at a temperature of between 2–7°C for up to a week. Produced according to socially responsible cultivation methods, Cuzco Leaves satisfy hygiene standards in the kitchen. The shoots are cultivated cleanly and hygienically.

Due to the bitter components present, it is advised not to consume more than 15 leaves per day.

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