New packaging CressSingle

Category: Sustainability

The transition from plastic to cardboard packaging makes recycling much easier and reduces the CO2-emissions of this packaging by an impressive 82,8%.

A step forward

Sustainability at the core

At Koppert Cress, we have always believed in the power of sustainability. As pioneers in the world of greenhouse horticulture, it is our responsibility to make environmentally friendly choices that reduce our impact on the planet. The introduction of our renewed CressSingle packaging significantly contributes to this effort.

A fresh new look

In addition to the more environmentally friendly material, the CressSingle packaging has received a fresh, new look. The design is modern, contemporary, and emphasizes our commitment to fresh, high-quality products. Each cress has its own color and attractive design that references its taste and flavor friends, providing inspiration for the user.


Moving together towards a conscious future

At Koppert Cress, we are determined to continue our efforts and constantly find new solutions to make our culinary world more sustainable.


The renewed CressSingle packaging will be available at our Wholesalers starting Wednesday, August 9, 2023. We invite everyone to discover the new packaging.

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