Koppert Cress UK to launch new ‘Cress Couture'

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Koppert Cress UK to launch new ‘Cress Couture’: Expertly Curated Microgreens Subscription Boxes

There is much excitement in the Great British Chef ingredients world as Dutch microgreens afficionado, Rob Baan, CEO of Koppert Cress is set to launch a new VIP ‘Cress Couture’ subscription model to UK chefs. Set to make its debut next month, the ‘Cress Couture’ designer monthly selection boxes will enable chefs to try out seasonal new releases and exclusive pre-launch previews of their world-class cress and micro greens collections. 

The idea is modelled on high fashion and seasonal collections being showcased on runways and catwalks throughout the year.  This resonates with a chef’s need to constantly update the menu to keep loyal customers returning and winning new custom through critics’ acclaim and rave reviews!

Delivered once a month the new, expertly curated Koppert Cress exclusive selection box, which costs €39,99 (+/- £ 36,52) paid for in advance. This will be delivered either by existing distribution networks or by a preferred wholesaler, complete with contents menus, bespoke recipe suggestion cards and Koppert Cress’ development chefs on hand to help with menu inspiration and planning.

The idea resulted from a survey of chefs that revealed that popularity of microgreens remains high, with access to new innovations and delivery being top preferences. Koppert Cress pride themselves on continuous new product development, but also in the ‘hunt for new plants’ and its vision ‘to change the way we look at food’.

If you speak to farmers in The Netherlands and across the globe, owner Rob Baan is the main character of ‘The Indiana Jones; Planthunter of the lost Microgreens’

Chefs lucky enough to have visited the Koppert Cress headquarters in Monster, near The Hague in The Netherlands, have often drawn comparisons to Willy Wonka’s fantastical creation. It is there to encourage chefs for their feedback, a joint effort as it makes the assortment reflecting the culinary trends because of this close relationship. 
The tasting garden offers visitors an astonishing array of tongue teasers; from a Sechuan Button button – a round yellow flower that is likened by many to licking an electric battery, to a green leaf that’s a pleasant combination of Vicks VapoRub® and peppermint, and another that shines like Swarovski crystal yet pops in your mouth releasing fresh bursts of saltiness.

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Rob Baan is extremely proud to launch ‘Cress Couture’ and can’t wait to showcase his entire range of delicious cresses and microgreens to UK chefs.

“Unlike the fashion world, we don’t just sell our products on their looks, we are selling the flavour to chefs, so it has to be in the mouth for it to inspire the mind of the chef and pack an amazing flavour punch to enable them to create exciting new dishes. The subscription box will do just that and accompanied with exclusive content from topchefs across the globe, we will help chefs keep up-to-date with the latest menutrends and latest Koppert Cress’ product innovations”

According to Koppert Cress the changing box will be: “Inspirational, compelling bang on culinary trends and the process will work in a similar way to a high-end fashion magazine subscription. It will contain new releases, jam-packed with seasonal favorites, as well as never before seen produce and preferential trial of new lines and limited-edition, designer collections. This will enable chefs to enjoy the full range of Koppert Cress and microgreens with lines constantly changing with seasonal menu innovation and updates”.
The Koppert Cress VIP Subscription Box, will consist of various MicroGreens, Blossoms, Leaves and Specialities coinciding with new product releases, way ahead of schedule to allow privileged access to subscribers.
“There will be specialties and a few exclusive gifts included, as well as development chef led recipe and menu innovation cards. All mixes will be relevant for that month incorporating the seasons. And the box will also consist of a Virtual Chef and QR Code. Chefs can scan this code and ask the Koppert Cress Virtual 24/7 Chef any culinary questions.”
The subscription is fully galvanized and supported by Koppert Cress’ team of talented and accomplished development chefs, who are on hand to help with any flavor pairing queries or technical culinary support.
The subscription will be a rolling monthly contract. There will be a subscription link from the Koppert Cress website, where any chef or enthusiastic home cook can set up by direct debit or pay by credit card.

The contents of the monthly boxes will be identical and will be dispatched in a beautiful presentation box with contents changing completely on a monthly basis to suit relevant seasons. There will also be a range of new and seasonal ‘specialties surprises’, included in the boxes with the added value of recipe cards and links to inspirational chef demonstrations.
The VIP selection boxes are expertly curated by Koppert Cress UK Culinary Team to equip chefs and accomplished cooks with all they need to create fabulously arty dishes with unrivaled flavor and style.

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