Koppert Cress launches dark-grown white vegetables part two

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Feather Tops, Talpa Shoots and renewed Sweet Lov.

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Following the overwhelming success of the 'White Vegetables' collection, Koppert Cress is proud to reveal part II of this innovative range. The Feather Tops, Talpa Shoots and renewed Sweet Lov are the complementary result of shoots grown in the dark. A new dimension of flavors in this special category.

Earlier, we introduced the Morar Shoots and Sweet Peeper and they were surprisingly well received.

Feather Tops

Elegant shoots, grown in our specially designed darkrooms, have a fresh aniseed-like flavor with a hint of liquorice and a slight hint of mint with crisp stems tasting of earthy notes. Feather Tops offer not only a visual spectacle but also a refined flavor. Ideal for refining salads, seafood dishes, cocktails and other culinary delights.

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Talpa Shoots

Discover the slight bitterness with sweet and savory hue and surprising shape of Talpa Shoots, grown in the dark for maximum flavor development. Add these unique shoots to both hot and cold dishes for an unparalleled culinary experience.

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Renewed Sweet Lov

The beloved Sweet Lov returns with an exciting new formula. Sweet Lov is a freshly germinated corn kernel. Part of our white vegetable collection, Sweet Lov is grown in a controlled environment to ensure its unique crunchy bite and juicy sweet taste. The dark-grown shoots offer a more intense sweetness and refined aroma. A must-have for desserts, drinks and decoration.

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A culinary adventure in the dark

Rob Baan shares his views on this new introduction: "Vegetables grown in the dark open up new possibilities for creative and flavorful dishes. This collection is a tribute to innovation and culinary craftsmanship."

The Feather Tops, Talpa Shoots and renewed Sweet Lov are grown in specially developed dark rooms with optimized conditions. This gives the vegetables their unique flavor profiles and visual appeal.

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