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We have combined a number of herbs into refreshing delicious tea blends especially for you.

We have combined a number of herbs into refreshing delicious tea blends especially for you. Steeped in hot water, these herbs will help you feel good! The herbs used to make these teas are part of a special project in Kenya which has been established to help the local population to support themselves and restore their environment.

The taste of Kenya
Koppert Cress Infusions are special for more than one reason. The plants are tended by local workers, who harvest the leaves and branches which are combined into a compact bundle of herbs. Each bundle is a deliberate combination of intense flavours, and they are packed into individual bags by hand. The fresh herbs are grown on a special plantation at the base of Mount Kenya. Personal attention, an optimum climate, and hygienic growing conditions allow the herbs to grow in a stress-free environment.

The feel of summer year-round. Verbena with its fresh taste of lemon, will remind you of a summer evening, year-round.

Thyme and Mint
The full flavour of healing herbs. Thyme’s fresh and herbal flavour has a soothing effect on breathing and is complimented by mint’s popular strong, refreshing taste.

Lavender and Mint
Mint with a twist. The sweet honey-like flavour of lavender combines well with the strong popular and refreshing taste of mint.

Verbena & Lavender
Restful beauty. Verbena with its fresh taste of lemon together with the honey-like taste and aroma of lavender.

Year-round freshness
Koppert Cress Infusions are available year-round. The optimum climate conditions in Kenya mean that the quality is consistently good throughout the year. These herbal teas should be stored between 2°C and 4°C. At this temperature, the herbs maintain their flavour best.

The perfect solution
The herbs are gathered together in exactly the right amounts - you can easily get two cups out of a single bundle. After drinking the first cup, you can steep the bundle in hot water a second time. That way you can enjoy the taste of Kenya a little bit longer.

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