21 December 2012, the end or a fresh new beginning?

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Peruvian cuisine is currently on the rise internationally.

Peruvian cuisine is currently on the rise internationally. Star chefs like Moshik Roth and Ferran and Albert Adrià are taking inspiration from it. Today is a historic day, the day on which the Mayan calendar ends, and with it the end of an era. Some believe this also means the end of the world. Opinions on this are divided, but we will know soon enough.

Inspired by the flavours of Peru and making use of the rich nature within which the Mayans lived, Koppert Cress will introduce a new product on 21 December 2012: Aclla Cress®.

Aclla Cress has a delicious, pronounced flavour, challenging but hard to define: a flavour that is fresh and distinctive, it stimulates the taste buds with hints of citrus and mint and continues to surprise in every dish, making it very versatile.

A number of chefs have already made acquaintance with Aclla cress and would be pleased to tell you more about it. Curious about the flavours from Peru and ready for a challenge? Let the inspirationals below convince you.

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