Wilder Ritter with Koppert Cress and Lena Wunder, Pâtisserie & Desserts

In the star restaurant where André Tienelt holds sway over the kitchen, a talented lady is found in the pastry department.

Lena Wunder

In the star restaurant where André Tienelt holds sway over the kitchen, a talented lady can be found in the pastry department. 24-year-old Lena Wunder is responsible for the very feminine desserts that can delight. The flavors and combinations are not everyday, but seamlessly complement the chef's refined cuisine. This lady has completed her cookery training, but has lingered passionately in the sugared department and not without merit. Lena: “I often spent a longer time creating pastries during my internships and I liked it so much that I decided to make it my expertise. My chef at the time was a good acquaintance of Herr Tienelt and referred me to this house.

Chocolate, Kefir, Lychee
Chocolate, Kefir, Lychee


From the big city to the village? “I just want to see a lot and learn a lot, but I don't really have a defined goal yet. I will see where I end up. The most important thing is that I can look back with satisfaction with the realization that I have made the most out of everything for myself.” The dynamics between Lena and André work for both. The chef often has some ideas in his head and then reflects them on Lena who then starts working on them. A few weeks pass before there is finally a menu-worthy dessert. It has to be perfect, because the Wilder Ritter has only 12 dishes per menu, 2 of which are desserts. Koppert Cress cresses are also used intelligently here. Everything in the correct dosage and the placement on the plate or desserts is carefully thought out, branch by branch and leaf by leaf, searching for sugared intelligence.

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Buttermilk, honey, kombucha
Buttermilk, honey, kombucha