Refined Cressperience, Kelvin Lin's enchanting journey through Asian fusion

Category: Hospitality & Gastronomy

Deeply rooted in his expertise, Kelvin Lin is no stranger to Koppert Cress and have put together eight dishes in the Cressperience kitchen that embody an inspiring journey through Asian cultures and flavors.

Culinary passion, and inspiration

Kelvin's culinary passion and curiosity about different cultures have led him to faraway countries such as Japan, Korea and Singapore. Through his travels he has experienced the wonderful diversity and contrasts of these countries, striking was the difference between rich and poor.

"It's either very high-end luxury or street food, there's nothing in between. I find that unfortunate sometimes, because the balance gets lost a little bit in the high end segment."

He has woven this dynamic into these different dishes, making them tell a story of cultural treasures but also originally austere dishes, such as the Bibimbap. A typical "Poor man's food" which literally means mixed meal and consists of a stone pot of hot rice with lots of ingredients stirred together by the eater himself before eating. This dish originated from Korean culture, where people share everything and eat together as opposed to Western food cultures where everyone gets their own portion.


Vegatables, vegetables and more vegatables

What is striking is the frequent use of vegetables which are processed into Kimchi through a fermentation process and where really all types of vegetables can be used. Kelvin also shows how many different flavors can be achieved - the possibilities are endless.

And also extremely healthy: "If you have bowel problems, Kimchi is really ideal to eat regularly. It contains lactic acid bacteria with which you do your intestines a big favor, says Lin."


Qualtity, over quantity

The heart of Kelvin's cuisine is infused with quality, high-end ingredients. He has perfected the art of processing them into nutritious masterpieces that are both eye-pleasing and delectable. With a deep understanding of the essence of Japan, where fish is embedded in the culinary DNA, Kelvin embraces this heritage while striving to minimize food waste and maximize flavor.

"Even though I use fish or meat, there is a lot of respect and really everything is used! These traditions are more than 1,000 years old huh. There it is very normal to fold some rice and a piece of fish in a sheet of Shiso double and then dip it in a sauce and then put it in your mouth. Then you eat ten of those Shiso Leaves just like that. That way you automatically get a lot of vegetables, your meal is very nutritious and on balance you don't eat a lot of fish or meat per person. You'll also see a meal consisting of all sorts of little containers, most of which contain vegetables. And take the Kimchi, this even uses the white part of the watermelon, which you normally always throw away."

Cress, as part of the dish

What sets his culinary approach apart is his progressive Asian fusion style. Here, Western culinary techniques come together harmoniously with local ingredients, with cress no longer just a garnish, but an integral part of the dish.

His dishes stem from diverse cultural influences, ranging from (the complexity of) fermentation to the art of Chirashi, another modern way of making sushi, in which the role of cress is the ideal seasoning. All of this reflects his deep inspiration from Taoism, which emphasizes balance and harmony, as well as the influence of his mother's Buddhist faith and the disciplined schooling he received in Japan.

Cressperience, with Koppert Cress

In a world where tastes are constantly evolving, Kelvin Lin is always one step ahead. His creations are not just culinary masterpieces, but living works of art that stimulate the senses and nourish the mind.

Koppert Cressperience cuisine has ushered in a new chapter, one that embraces the rich heritage of Asian culinary traditions while exploring the future with sophisticated flavors, stories and cultures.

Chef: Kelvin Lin

Photography: Chris Toonen