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More and more culinary masters are embracing the art of cooking with less salt, and it is becoming increasingly clear that there needs to be greater awareness of the relationship between taste and health.


Too much salt can cause damage to your kidneys and hypertension (high blood pressure). But are we sufficiently aware of this? To raise awareness, we are inspiring top chefs to discover alternative seasonings to flavor their dishes.

The goal is to make all of the Netherlands more salt-conscious. We eat one kilo too much salt per person on an annual basis. 1.7 million Dutch people have kidney damage and the number is increasing. Kidney damage is insidious because often you don't notice it until it's too late. "Eating less salt helps prevent kidney damage," according to De Nierstichting.

So Koppert Cress developed a salt-conscious Christmas menu in collaboration with De Nierstichting, Versteegen, Gastronomixs and Tromp and Rueb, leading to a wonderful collaboration with a shared mission.


Smakers, And enhancers!

In this context, Koppert Cress, a pioneer in microgreens and flavor innovations, has found the perfect solution. The cresses, small and flavorful plants, are packed with aromas and nutrients and offer a powerful alternative to salt. They can be used as natural flavor enhancers and enhance the perceived salty taste in a product and/or improve the overall flavor profile. They activate the taste buds and are linked to the so-called umami taste receptors. Umami is a "savory" taste that can be perceived in addition to the four basic tastes such as sweet, sour and bitter. In products low in salt, umami taste receptors can pick up on the lack of the salty taste, creating the perception that there is more salt in a product or dish than is actually the case.


De Nierstichting, A dedicated mission

Your kidneys are vitally important. That's why De Nierstichting fights for healthy kidneys and kidney patients. Their mission to prevent, cure and treat kidney disease is invaluable to thousands of people across the country. Through research, education and support, De Nierstichting remains a leading force in advancing kidney health.

A partnership for change

The partnership between Koppert Cress and De Nierstichting is a textbook example of how the private sector and nonprofit organizations can work together to create a healthier Netherlands. These two entities, each with their own expertise, share a common ambition: to promote health and well-being.

"Collaboration is the key to change," said Stijn Baan, commercial director of Koppert Cress. "We are proud to partner with De Nierstichting to make a positive impact on the health of people in the Netherlands. Our cresses not only offer taste and culinary innovation, but they also contribute to a healthier diet."

Isabelle van Waesberge, of De Nierstichting, adds, "Reducing salt intake is an important step to promote kidney health. Together with Koppert Cress, we can spread the message that less salt does not mean sacrificing taste. It's a win-win situation for health and culinary creativity."


A HEALTHIER FUTURE, Together for healthy kidneys

As we become increasingly conscious of our diet and health, it's an invitation to top chefs and home cooks to explore their taste horizons and discover how cresses can contribute to a more salt-conscious, yet flavorful diet. A great partnership toward a healthier future.

If you would also like to partner or support De Nierstichting click on the link below.