Delivery and TakeAway, New concepts in different times

The consequences of the Corona virus have hit us all. We would like to share different inspirational options and scenarios for delivery and takeaway, developed by our team or by the top chefs in our network.

Dear chef,, We are here to help

Are you already working with take away or delivery, or are you thinking of starting to do so in the near future? We are here to talk on how to continue your business in these unnatural times. 

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Kelvin Lin & Delivery, Nayolie, Voorschoten

Kelvin Lin (Nayolie, Voorschoten) shares how he deals with delivery and takeaway by introducing 'Dinner by Kelvin @ Home', and how he includes cress and specialties. Watch the video to learn about his expectations of the near future. 

English subtitles available. 

Pierre Wind & Delivery, TrammmHuys, Voorburg

Pierre Wind (TrammmHuys, Voorburg) plunges into delivery and takeaway by introducing 'Prakkie in een Bakkie', a new concept promising unique and high quality meals. He additionally shares how cress and specialties are a part of his menu and wraps it up by sharing his expectations of the future.

English subtitles available. 

Koppert Cress & Delivery / takeaway, Multiple scenarios

We would like to share a few options on how to add fresh cress to your delivery and takeaway menu.  

Dennis Huwaë & TakeAway, Daalder/Edel by Dennis, Amsterdam

Dennis Huwaë - (Daalder/Edel by Dennis, Amsterdam) opens up about his takeaway efforts, and his heart-felt 'no waste' rule. He points to the memorable relationship he has with Koppert Cress and discusses how to shoulder his business in the future. In the meantime, sous-chef Nigel Eccles is creating two beautiful dishes which are featured on Daalder/Edel by Dennis' take away menu. 

English subtitles available. 

Jeroen de Zeeuw & TakeAway, De Zeeuw, Haarlem

Jeroen de Zeeuw (Restaurant De Zeeuw, Haarlem) has also stepped up his game and has chosen the path towards take away. In this video he is creating a beautiful dish with salmon and a cress mix, whilst sharing his concerns about the 1,5 meter economy in relation to hospitality. He's passionate about conveying the essence of his restaurant to his guests, but this time he needs to work out how to do so from a distance. 

Note: English subtitles available. 

ERIK TAS & TAKE AWAY, Bij Erik, Leidschendam

Eric Tas started doing Take Away immediately after he had to close his restaurant. Luckily, this was something that he was already used to doing since Bij Erik provides Take Away during winter also. The cress mix packaging makes it easier for him to add the cresses to his Take Away menus. He has noticed that the connection he feels with his regular customers is much stronger during the Corona situation, and he shares how happy this makes him. During the reopening of the restaurant, Erik aims to go through a bit more trouble to thank his loyal supporters. 

English subtitles available. 


Takis has created a Take Away menu from which his guests can choose what they'd like to eat. It is all focused on delicous and fresh comfortfood, naturally including Greek elements. As an example he shows us a casserole and a red beet salad. Delicious food can brighten your life, which is very important. Especially at this time. This is a period of adaptation and survival, but Takis believes that not a single restaurant can be completely "Corona proof". He aims to make his guests feel safe and secure whilst they enjoy eating his creations. 

English subtitles available. 

MARKO KARELSE & DELIVERY, Villa La Ruche, Voorburg

Marko thinks it's a waste to throw away good ingredients, so his first point of action after closing his restaurant was to process the products he had in stock. Because of this the restaurant was actually very busy. Villa La Ruche is used to do catering during the Christmas period, so switching to delivery was not a problem. In this scenario they decided to use cress to complete the dishes right away, before sending it to their customers. Marko also shares his concerns regarding the upcoming period, since there are no clear rules yet on how to deal with the situation inside the restaurant. He predicts there will be surely challenges to overcome. 

English subtitles available.