The magic of cress, Sligro

The days that cress were only used as decoration on a plate are definitely over.

Pastry chef Hidde de Brabander

The days that cress were only used as decoration on a plate are definitely over. "Sweet and green go very well together." Pastry chef Hidde de Brabander says about the delicious combinations he comes up with.

Pastry chef Hidde de Brabander creates all kinds of tasty sweet snacks for Koppert Cress. In this he processes different types of cress. These seedlings have a very intense and often spectacular taste. From licorice, oyster, red pepper and lime to sugar, broccoli, cumin, jasmine and beetroot. It's all hidden in the tiny leaves and thin blades.

Born: 05-11-1980
Career: Huize van Wely, Parkheuvel, De Librije en Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg
Owner of: Dreams of Magnolia

In love with cress

As a child of the Westland area, Hidde grew up near Koppert Cress. “I knew the company from my childhood. But apart from that I have been in love with cress for a long time. I've always worked with it and I like that it is a Westland product.

For Koppert Cress I am now developing ideas and experimenting with flavors. I also test new types of cress. The cocoa plant we are currently working on is very special. We may soon have Westland chocolate!"


Hidde only gets really enthusiastic when he talks about the possibilities of cress in pastry. "Take nougat. This gorgeous and colorful candy is totally hot right now. I already made 25 varieties. Each combination is special. Like that of dried raspberries, pistachios and Atsina cress, a cress that tastes like licorice and star anise.

Think in combinations

In everything he does, Hidde thinks about the dosage and consistency. Hidde: “The cress must fit in with the harmony of the dish. I always try to think in flavor combinations that you can use in different types of dishes. For example, the combination of dark chocolate, raspberry, vanilla and almond. You can use this for a bonbon, a cake or something else entirely.

Everything has to be right

Another striking example is the dessert that Hidde composed with jasmine as a base. “The scent of jasmine is very strong. I tamed these with apple and lime. I also added cream, white chocolate ice cream and dark chocolate cubes of brownie. I finished it all with a syrup of green apple and Limon Cress. In addition, I added real slices of apple and Limon Cress leaves. An enchantingly beautiful and delicious dessert.

According to Hidde, it's all about harmony and structure. “Everything has to be right. In that respect, I feel like a child in a candy store at Koppert Cress. There is so much beauty passing by here. And I have all possible scents and colors at hand. Really inspiring!