Sweet potato, Sea Fennel tempura

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Sweet potato with sea fennel crust, Sea Fennel tempura and sea fennel oil.


Sea Fennel crust
How to video: Sea Fennel Crust

1. melt butter
2. put some breadcrumbs in a bowl
3. add a good spoon of sea fennel pulp (make oil out of grapeseed oil and Sea Fennel to get the pulp)
4. add melted butter and mix
5. put it on sweet potato
6. put it in the oven

Sea Fennel tempura
How to video: Sea Fennel tempura

For the Sea Fennel water: 
1. cut Sea Fennel and put it in the mixer
2. add water and mix
3. let it rest

For the tempura butter:
4. put tempura powder in a bowl
5. add Sea Fennel water
6. slowly stir in - so you not get lumps
7. let it rest a minute
8. prepare Sea Fennel and hot oil
9. put the Sea Fennel first in the tempura butter and afterwards in oil

Final steps video: Sweet Potato, Sea Fennel tempura

Source: https://gronda.eu/story/sweet-potatoe-t5tsgj5a

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