Dame Blanche with Chocolate Fondant Ring


  • disc shaped chocolate fondant
  • vanilla ice cream
  • chocolate sauce
  • Decorette - coffee meringue
  • chocolate sponge cake
  • chocolate crumble
  • piping bag with crémeux caramel
  • Atsina Cress
  • lightly whipped cream


  • Bake the frozen bordalou for 20 to 25 minutes (or thawed 15 to 20 minutes) at 170°C, and let it cool at room temperature before removing it from the mold.
  • Cover the bordalou with crème patissière and half strawberries.
  • Finish with Dessert-Espuma Meringue Italienne and Astina Cress.
  • Fill the jar with Perfect Dessert Salsa Hibiscus Tea.

Source: https://www.didess.be/nl/inspiratie-en-tips/frozen-elements/dame-blanche-met-schijf-fondant-chocolade

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