Borage Cress, Briny, oyster, cucumber

Once you've tasted Borage Cress, you'll understand why the Dutch call it "cucumber herb".

Africa, Asia
Taste / Aroma
Briny, oyster, cucumber
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Asparagus, BBQ, Coquille St Jacques, Easter, Mushroom, Mussel, Oyster, Pumpkin
Cold, 2-7 °C


Once you've tasted Borage Cress, you'll understand why the Dutch call it "cucumber herb". The cress has an unmistakeably clean and refreshing taste, with salty notes reminiscent of oyster.

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Borage Cress makes an excellent addition to shellfish or lightly cooked and cold smoked fish. We also recommend combining Borage Cress with meat or steak tartare.


The name originates from the Arabic word ‘Abu Rache’, ‘Abu’ means father and ‘Rache’ means sweating.

Eating Borage when being sick, stimulates transpiration, thus speeds up the recovery process. Used as tea, it is also suppost to help reduce headaches, fever and throat pains.


Borage Cress is available year round and can easily be stored for up to seven days at a temperature of 2-7°C. Produced in a socially responsible culture, Borage Cress meets the hygienic kitchen standards. The product is ready to use, since it is grown clean and hygienically. 


Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, Umami
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