Koppert Cress leading the way with new Educational Programme on MicroGreens

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Koppert Cress is the world’s leading grower in terms of horticulture and microgreens.

Koppert Cress is the world’s leading grower in terms of horticulture and microgreens. Its history dates back to 1987 and once again, it is leading the way with the release of a fantastic 70 page full colour Educational Programme manual on microgreens to be given to catering educational professionals at the forthcoming Professional Association for Catering Education (PACE) conference to be held in Liverpool on the 3rd May.

The programme comes at a time when it is evident that there is a lack of education and training in this area and Koppert Cress hope to fill that gap; who better to do it than those who understand the qualities, varieties and potential of the many fantastic products they grow?

Franck Pontais, Koppert Cress said
“Education has always been at the forefront with Koppert Cress. An observation of a complete knowledge gap prompted the team to set about writing an educational brochure explaining in great depth the difference between Micro Greens and Cress. This document will achieve a combination of theory and practical understanding and food pairing combinations”.

A hard copy of the new Koppert Cress Microgreens manual will be launched on May 3rd at PACE conference in Liverpool to College Lecturers, principles, Academies and universities.
Well-attended ‘Cressperience’ taster days showcasing the contents of the new Koppert Cress educational programme are already taking place at various key locations throughout the country. Koppert Cress has received great feedback from the chefs and fresh produce suppliers who have attended so far. It highlights the benefits of using and eating microgreens, flavour profiles, food pairings, as well as recipe suggestions whilst actually tasting the products alongside freshly cooked food to have the 3d experience of how the flavours can change or enhance your menu offering. They will even help you match the right product to your menus.

Paul Mannering, HIT Chefs Academy Principal is excited to roll this programme out and said
“I cannot recommend this enough – a phenomenal programme. Microgreens are so much more than a pretty garnish, the Koppert Cress educational programme is one of the best I’ve seen.”

Steve Shore, Development Chef at Arthur David Foodservice echoed Paul’s comments saying
This manual will enable me to educate my customers as to how to use the fantastic range of microgreens and cresses to enhance their menus and enrich the flavour of their dishes. The electronic version of manual will be great to email to chefs as a resource to inspire new dishes – I am then on hand to cook with professional chefs, visit the colleges and show them how to incorporate everything from Aclla Cress to Zorri Cress into their cooking.

Chef Educators attending PACE next week will receive a hard copy of the Koppert Cress Educational Programme manual. Once launched, an electronic version of the manual will be available. For further information please contact Franck Pontais at franck@koppertcress.com

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