Koppert Cress and the Basque Culinary Center unite forces

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The Basque Culinary Center will become the new lab of flavours for Koppert Cress in Spain.

The Basque Culinary Center will become the new lab of flavours for Koppert Cress in Spain. According to the recently signed collaboration agreement, the BCC will have special access to the newly developed Koppert Cress products as well as the over 50 other products. The BCC’s innovation department, alumni and professors will work on developing new ways of using the Koppert Cress products for the Spanish cuisine.

Rob Baan personally signed the agreement with the Basque Culinary Center. During his recent visit to San Sebastián, the owner of Koppert Cress met Joxe Mari Aizega, director of the Basque Culinary Center, for the signing of the agreement. The meeting was a success and both agreed about the importance of this new collaboration to keep leading in innovation. Annette Abstoss, representantative of Koppert Cress in Spain was also present at the signing.

The auditorium of the BCC was the selected space for the official presentation. Before the signing, Rob Baan gave a speech for alumni, professors and professionals addressing the new values that gastronomy should transmit. The audience was impacted by his data about causes of mortality and how a healthy life with less sickness can be achieved by correct nutrition.

Koppert Cress and BCC, two institutions with shared values. As Rob Baan himself said in his speech, the most important values of Koppert Cress are its will to have the minimum impact on the planet and keep on surprising with their products. Sustainability, innovation and love for gastronomy, are the basis of Koppert Cress, as for the Basque Culinary Center.

Source: http://www.bculinary.com/es/noticias/basque-culinary-center-firma-un-convenio-de-colaboracion-con-koppert-cress

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