HAL: Koningsdam’s Dishes to feature Flavorful Koppert Cress Microgreens

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Microgreens are a hot culinary trend, adding incredible flavors like licorice, lemon, cucumber, Dijon mustard and wasabi to complement already tasty dishes.

Microgreens are a hot culinary trend, adding incredible flavors like licorice, lemon, cucumber, Dijon mustard and wasabi to complement already tasty dishes. Holland America Line is partnering with award-winning microgreen specialist Koppert Cress to grow fresh ingredients onboard the line’s new cruise ship, Koningsdam. The Koppert Cress partnership will enable guests to indulge in fresh microgreens grown onboard in the Culinary Arts Center while enjoying a farm-to-table-style menu for dinner.

The ingredients will be on display in a glass-enclosed growing area in the reimagined Culinary Arts Center, which also will serve as a dinner venue on Koningsdam. Dinner in the Culinary Arts Center restaurant will provide an immersive farm-to-table experience where chefs prepare simple, artisanal dishes in the show kitchen. Each course will be enjoyed as it’s freshly prepared, with some ingredients harvested by the ship’s chefs from the Koppert Cress growing area just before being served.

“We’re excited to partner with an innovative company like Koppert Cress to expand our culinary program with a special farm-to-table dining concept,” said Orlando Ashford, Holland America Line’s president. “This partnership brings a unique, hands-on and fresh experience to our newest dining venue aboard Koningsdam.”

Once sown, the seedlings will grow for up to two weeks and then get snipped in their prime for use during dinner in the Culinary Arts Center.

“Rather than being used as a garnish, the Koppert Cress microgreens will be used as integral ingredients in the recipes,” said Michael Smith, senior vice president, guest experience and product development. “Our guests will be able to watch them grow during the cruise and then savor them freshly harvested and at their highest flavor potential during their Dinner at the Culinary Arts Center experience.”

About Koppert Cress

Based in the Netherlands with branches all over the world, Koppert Cress is the premier grower of living microgreens and other edible specialties. The company specializes in cresses — the seedlings of unique plants — that are procured from around the globe, each with its own unique taste, aroma, texture and appearance.
Koppert Cress microgreens.

“Putting our microgreens on a cruise ship is a new adventure for us, and we are thrilled to be working with an esteemed company like Holland America Line,” said Rob Baan, founder, Koppert Cress. “Exposing our microgreens to a new audience who have an appreciation for fine cuisine is exciting for Koppert Cress, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

In the Netherlands the company has twice been presented the AGF Innovation Award, an honor bestowed by a jury of peers in the Dutch vegetable industry. In the United States, the Long Island, New York, branch has received much recognition, including being appointed as the James Beard House’s official purveyor of hand-selected microgreens and specialties. For more information about Koppert Cress, visit koppertcress.com.

SOURCE: Holland America Line

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