Dutch Cuisine meets Eataly

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Dutch Master Chef Angélique Schmeinck and awarded Michelin star Chef Viviana Varese team up for the promotion of local, healthy and tasty food.

Milan, 22 June 2017 – On the occasion of the State Visit of Their Majesties the King and Queen of the Netherlands and an accompanying trade mission to Italy from 20 to 23 June, Master Chef and Dutch Cuisine ambassador Angélique Schmeinck and Italian Michelin star chef Viviana Varese presented their vision on the future of food during a show cooking event ‘Dutch Cuisine meets Eataly’. Both chefs prepared a three-course meal during the experience, showcasing the best of Dutch and Italian food and fine dining culture by using seasonal and top-notch quality products from both countries.


The food culture of the Netherlands and Italy has been shaped through the centuries by creative chefs. Although both cuisines have a centuries old tradition, Angélique Schmeinck and Viviana Varese show how you can transform vegetable ingredients that are sustainably grown into 21st century dishes. Moreover, during the event it became clear that the fine dining culture of both countries is not only about the food you serve, but it has to do as much with the surroundings as well. One could think of plate the food is served on, an example being the pottery of AtelierNL that is made of local Dutch clay. Today, Angélique’s courses were served on handcrafted tableware made from local Dutch soils and sands.


Both Angélique (known from Dutch Cuisine and CuliAir Sky Dining) and Viviana (known from Eataly and Alice Ristorante) are proud ambassadors of their countries’ food and fine dining culture. They show that the Dutch and Italian cuisines are shaped by having an open mind. Moreover, both cuisines stand for great tastes, pure and real. Hence, it is safe to claim that we have a genuine interest in the people who produce our food, the places it comes from and how we can assure that everyone can afford healthy, local and tasty food. When preparing and consuming food together, we can truly say that food unites us all.


It is remarkable to see the parallels between both the Netherlands and Italy regarding the rich food culture they share and how this is influenced in a two-way direction. To give just one example: where the Dutch like to indulge in gorgonzola, prosciutto and Barolo, the Italians are great consumers of Dutch meat, fish, and vegetables. Thanks to the vitality of the agricultural sector in both countries, Dutch and Italian chefs have access to products that are good for us and the environment. Therefore, we invest in healthy food and the knowledge around it. This results in longer and happier lives, less waste, a fair price for producers and increased animal welfare.


However, there is so much more that we can and should do. As the global population is expected to almost double by 2050, we have to change our current mind-set and start producing much more healthy, sustainably produced and nutritious food. That means among other things to eat more vegetables and fruit, consume less meat and use more seasonal products. As the Netherlands and Italy are both major agricultural powerhouses and global trendsetters, together we can make a difference that is much needed. By continually investing in the renewal of agricultural production chains and inspiring chefs as well as consumers to change their culinary habits, Angélique Schmeinck and Viviana Varese clearly show that jointly we can establish a brighter future with more local, healthy and tasty food.


About Dutch Cuisine

Dutch Cuisine puts the Netherlands’ gastronomic culture on the map: nationally and internationally. Tasty, healthy and responsible cooking, with vegetables in the leading role, and sustainability as the leading principle. The aim of Dutch Cuisine is creating visibility, naming the economic and cultural value of our rich food culture andaccelerating responsibility of Dutch food consumption. Dutch Cuisine initiates and organises activities in close cooperation with the creative and cultural industry, government, the education system, local head-chefs, food producers, institutions and their partners. In co-creation with our partners, our activities are events and trade fairs, giving lessons during seminars and congresses and participating in exhibitions both in and outside of the Netherlands to tell and show the story of our rich food culture. Our ‘Earth to Table’ events feature foods grown by Dutch farmers and producers, prepared by top chefs, and served on handcrafted tableware made from local soils and sands.

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